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Helmets, protective mechanism and the use of Attention
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1. Buffer damping effect: hat shell and the cap liner 25 ~ 50mm between the gap, when the object to combat helmet, the cap shell deformation is not due to a direct impact on Daotou top.

2. Disperse stress: cap shell is oval-shaped or hemispherical, smooth surface, when the object fall on the cap shell, the object can not remain an immediate decline; and cap shell hit points to withstand the force transfer to the surroundings, through the cap liner to reduce the buffer force of up to 2 / 3 more than the rest of the force by the cap liner to pass the entire area gives the skull, so that put the focus into a focus on surface, thus avoiding the impact of a point in the cap shell stress concentration, reducing of the force per unit area.

3. Biomechanics: the national standard set forth in helmets must be able to absorb the 4900N. This is because the biological experiments, the human cervical spine in maximum force limits, more than this limit will be subjected to cervical spine injuries, causing paralysis of light who, in serious cases life-threatening.
Helmet Caution

Select the appropriate qualified helmets, but also the proper use of the function in order to play a helmet to protect the safety of users. The use of helmets should be noted that the following principles:
1. Wear, should check whether the damaged helmets to the fittings, the assembly is solid, whether the part hat lining conditioning cards tight, jack is solid, whether the tie-down rope and so on, if the cap lining the distance between the shell and the cap is not 25 ~ 50mm between the application of the top rope regulated to the extent provided. Sure that all parts intact before being used.
2. According to head the size of the user will be adjusted to fit the length of cap hoop position (elastic moderate). Aerial workers wear helmets, there must be brought under the chin and neck collar and should be tied firmly to prevent slip and took off his hat.
3. Helmets when using the larger attacks, regardless of whether the shell was found a clear cap off cracks or deformation, should stop using the replacement of damaged helmets. In general the use of helmets for a period not exceeding three years.
4. Helmets should not be stored in a pH, high temperature (50 ℃ above), direct sunlight, humidity, etc., avoid heavy or sharp object touch the gill extrusion.
5. Cap shell and the cap liner is available in cold water, warm water (below 50 ℃) wash. Can not be baked on the radiator to prevent the cap shell deformation.
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