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Helmet use common sense
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Helmet use common sense

(1) helmets refers to the human body protective role played by external injury to the hat, by the cap shell, hat lining, under the chin with a post-hoops and other parts.

(2) technical performance requirements

Helmets and distributed primarily to buffer the impact of shock loads. So helmets should have the following technical performance requirements:
a. basic technical performance requirements: including shock absorption properties and puncture resistance.
b. special technical performance requirements include: electrical insulation, fire-retardant properties, lateral stiffness and antistatic properties.

(3) Classification

Safety helmet according to the material, shape classification of workplace:
a. classified by material: plastic, rubber materials, paper and plastic materials, plant materials; cold cap material; cap lined with a material, cap lining and top with a bolt rope materials and under the chin with the use of materials.
b. Classification by Shape: None along, small along, curling, along the large along the other.
c. according to workplace Category: general operations and special operations.

(4) procurement and storage of

a. Procurement: businesses must purchase the oil product testing certification of products, experience in post-harvest products purchased, Fang allowed.
b. Storage: helmet should not be stored in: acid, alkali, high temperature, sunlight, humidity and other premises, but can not be put together with hard objects.

(5) the use of helmets period: from the product manufacturer completes the calculation.

The twigs knit cap of no more than 2 years
Plastic cap, plastic cap of paper of no more than 2 years and a half
Glass fiber reinforced plastic (polyvinyl alcohol steel) Rubber cap is not more than three and a half years.
Enterprise security technology sector should be in accordance with regulations to conduct random checks on the expiry of the helmets tested, qualified only after continued use; testing 1 year later, tests revealed helmets that failed then scrapped.

(6), logo and packaging

Each hat should have the following four permanent signs:
a. Name of manufacturer, trademark, model
b. manufacturing year, month, day
c. production certification and validation of
d. production license number.

(7) The selection of helmets and Notes

a. the principle of selection

①, where possible, from a high altitude (or side) of parabolic or matter flowing down the personnel working in an environment, high-altitude operators, as well as the need to enter this site, should be required to wear helmets.
② material selection: main consideration to bear the mechanical strength and operational environment. Falling objects, such as the estimated weight of large, high strength materials should use helmets; in smelting workplace should choose high temperature glass, steel helmets; in the hot areas of construction should choose bamboo helmets better ventilation and heat dissipation; cold outdoor work areas should use helmets and other cold.
③ style choice: large along (lingual) cap applies to open-air operations, there is and the role of sunlight and rain; small along the cap applies to indoor, tunnels, culverts, mine, forest, scaffolding upper range of activities is small, Visor collision prone to narrow places.
③ choice of colors: from the security point of view of psychology. International practice is more common are: yellow with black stripes to indicate attention to warning signs; red is said to prohibit all signs; blue show the role played. Generally used for ordinary types of helmets should choose white, yellow, light green and other colors; coal miners should choose a bright color, even considering the helmet affixed to fluorescent color bar or a reflective belt, so poor lighting conditions, workplace easily find and raise the alarm; in the forest harvesting sites, red, orange red helmet eye-catching, easy to find each other; flammable and explosive in the workplace, should use red helmets. Some companies use different colors of helmets can be distinguished, Job Title and type of work, in order to facilitate production management.

b. Caution

① wear helmets, should check the various components is complete, intact before being used.
② high above the ground personnel to wear helmets, to tie under the chin and post-cap hoop bolt firmly to prevent the fall and being Pengdiao hat.
③ Thermoplastic helmets are available wash shall not be soaked with hot water, not be used radiators, stoves baking, to prevent the cap body deformation.
④ strictly enforced helmet use period shall not use the scrapped helmets.
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