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Know purchase helmets
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1, by use of purchase

Safety Helmet products for general operations by end-use sub-classes (Y class) helmets and special operations type (T class) helmet two major categories, including T category further divided into five categories: T1 category applies to the operation of fire place; T2 applies in the underground, tunnels, underground construction, logging and other workplaces; T3 applies in the flammable and explosive workplace; T4 (insulation) class applied to live workplaces; T4 (low temperature) applies in the low temperature areas. Each helmet has a certain degree of technical performance indicators and the scope of application, so choose according to the operating environment used in the industry and choose the appropriate product.

Consumers can choose according to their own appropriate species. Used according to the industry and operating environment use helmets. For example, the construction industry in general on the selection of Y-helmet; in the power industry because of contact with power grid and electrical equipment should be used in T4 (insulation) type helmet; in flammable and explosive environment, and should be selected T3 type helmets.

Arbitrariness in the choice of color helmets relatively large, generally light-colored, or eye-catching color is appropriate, such as white, light yellow, etc. can also be selected in accordance with relevant requirements, following the principle of Safety Psychology selection, by sector distinction to choose from, according to workplace and the environment in the selection.

Second, pay attention to raw materials

Manufacture of a variety of materials, helmets, according to the need to use. The premise that security is guaranteed, may follow the "light, solid, beautiful" three main points to purchase. Is now generally used more than plastic (ABS \ PE \ PC) and glass fiber reinforced plastic helmet, its color is relatively attractive. Rattan and bamboo helmet because of the quality of helmets can not ensure, as far as possible not to use.

Third, choose the appropriate style

According to whether helmet shape points along the helmet, small along the helmets, curling helmets, along the helmets, helmets, etc. along great. Among them, along the helmets for big open-air operations, there is the role of sunlight and rain; small along, no along the helmet suitable for indoor, tunnel, mine, forest, scaffolding and so the scope of activities is small, collision-prone Flange narrow places.

4, pay attention to see the quality of product identification and appearance of

The production of helmets in China to implement the license management. August 1, 1990 which came into use, "the national standard safety helmet," provides that in every helmet on the top to enter the market, should be clearly marked four permanent signs: the factory name, trademark, model; create year, month; production certification and validation; safety production license number. September 1, 2005 which came into use, "Labor Protective Equipment Supervision and Administration states that" explicitly require that "special labor protection supplies to implement safety signs Management", "production of labor protection supplies production of special labor protection supplies, must obtain special labor protection Products Safety Signs. "

In the purchase, they should see whether the helmet on the manufacturer's name, safety signs (LA) stickers, production license number (domestic manufacturing enterprises must obtain the production license issued by the State), production date (plastic cap for a period not More than two and a half, glass fiber reinforced plastic cap for a period not more than three and a half years), whether with a product certificate and instruction manual. In addition, dealers should be required to produce goods batch test report, and the product manufacturer's production license (only applies to domestic producers), and view the period.

In addition, we must look at the helmet shell and cap products, timber cap lining is thick, is bright and clean; assembling the various components of the connection is solid; cap shell color is uniform; cap regulation hoop is so buoyant.

Fifth, the use of helmets should observe the following principles:

1, wearing, should check the helmet for damage to the fittings, the assembly is solid, whether the part hat lining conditioning cards tight, jack is solid, the Department is to tighten the belt and so on. Sure that all parts intact before being used.

2, according to the user's head size, adjust the length of the hat hoop. Under the chin and neck collar with a bolt should be tight to prevent slip and took off his hat.

3, safety helmets when using the larger attacks, regardless of whether the shell was found a clear cap off cracks or deformation, should stop using the replacement of damaged helmets.

4, due to the use of helmets in the process will be gradually damaged, regular inspections should be carefully check for cracks, concave, cracks and wear and tear and so on.

5, be careful not to wear the hat defective. Because the aging cap shell materials will become brittle, not a long time in the sun exposure. Cap liner damage due to sweat soaked and easy to regular cleaning, damage, and after going to immediately be replaced.

6, helmets should not be stored in a pH, high temperature (50 ℃ above), sunlight, humidity, etc., avoid heavy or sharp object touch the gill extrusion.
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