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Do not wear helmets illegal construction of a middle-aged man died tragically
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Western Reuters death of his father for a silly young child who is really a bolt from the blue. Who lives in East Street, Chang'an District, Xi'an Office of Pacific Kawamura 11-year-old Zhuo Sun can not think of how wild, so that things went so far as mourning come to his head.
From yesterday to today, 11-year-old wild Zhuo Sun has been immersed in the loss of his father's grief into. The kids who do not understand things at the moment do not have the rely on.
This unfortunate accident occurred about 9:00 yesterday, Zhuo Sun Ye's father Shao-Jing Dong Chang'an Avenue, Old Clinic Building Office hospitals occurred during the construction of an unexpected transformation.
Shao Jing deceased workers told reporters that They take the ladder in this work, and he was at the bottom of the ladder Fu, Shao-Jing playing Hammer in the above, the day before emptying into the north gate, yesterday dig the south, since this gate on the beam itself is too weight, in the dig process, the beams turned down the ladder about Lianren Dai Yong-down, pro-and fell to the ground.
Happened later, the boy and several other workers immediately Shao Jing sent to a hospital in Xi'an.
Death by stoning were the main culprit is the piece of beams lying on the ground, although the accident site there was no blood, but the 38-year-old Shao Jing has forever passed away.
Shao Jing's brother told reporters that he wife in poor health are heart disease, baby nobody, there are two elderly people, a person in the future we supposed 呀.
Transformation of large hospitals in the East's construction site, see: There is no any protective measures, or even a safety warning signs at all. According to witnesses around, Shao Jing and workers during the construction of two helmets had not even brought. Newly built hospital outpatient comprehensive building construction site, but everywhere, hanging on safety of the warning signs. Of these two construction sites of the construction unit is building with a development group known as Chang'an, Xi'an building units. Afterward, the reporter linked to the major hospitals in the East of the relevant person in charge.
Person in charge said that they would actively co-ordination and construction side to fight for the remedial work, and compensation for a good job.
For now, the victim's rehabilitation and compensation for the construction units and the families of the deceased under negotiation. (SOURCE: Shaanxi TV "City Express" Reporter: Fang Hongjun)
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