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News Feature: "Security is the first one's"
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"Fast down! You do not wear a helmet!" Security staff Liu Mingyuan's a loud shout, the plane was about to kowtow beam overhaul on the platform, shooting Daqing Oilfield Gas Company operating three district publicity officer XU Guan-up shocked to look at the feet shrink back. "Kowtow machine brake you check it? Ladder watched prison is not solid yet? Not wearing a helmet!" A series of questions to XU Guan-up, said Mongolia had.
November 13, 6 wrapped in a heavy snow storm swept through nine plant in Daqing oilfield injection of carbon dioxide tower 112 Flooding test block. Cold wind, the mining branch of carbon dioxide gas into the team's staff have done in full swing. As has been running for nearly a year of trial block, the staff pretty good idea of what to do naturally. Tank Command of carbon dioxide into the well site, connect hose lines, start the shield pump, start the high-pressure injection pump ... ... the temperature at minus ten degrees Celsius, the employee's hot breath on the collar and hat, and condenses into a white efflorescence. Come here collecting folk songs of the XU Guan-up to see such a "concerted effort, all of them in competition" scenes will certainly not miss a moment holding a camera, while the hand-held video camera. "If there is a height, take a panoramic enough." XU Guan-up to the observable in a circle around the well site, the device towards the neck a hanging, we must travel down the ladder to kowtow machine overhaul beam platform to climb. Feet just set foot on the ladder, took place in front of the scene.
Xiao Xu, as have done something wrong to see the children face Biede red. Liu Mingyuan ran back to look for a helmet, a pair of gloves to give him to wear, then kowtow machine brake is locked up, maintenance, and other solid ladder is carefully inspected again, and then said: "You go up first, empty-handed, then I stand firm then the machine gave you. "
The injection of the side to help Zhang Wanxue captain laughed: "at the scene, the production staff to listen to me, but in safety management, I have to listen to him."
"It was." 3 person said in unison, "safety is number one."
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