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Repair plant roots when the airborne more than 10 migrant workers, steel helmets to help 60-year-old escape
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(Chongqing Morning network reporter CHEN at 19:15 on the 6th report) "This is the hat, at least to the value of 1000 money." At 11:30 on the 6th, 60-year-old's longevity lay emphasis on the public works will be blessing attached to a hospital stay in medical Review Room 37, in bed, a lingering fear. 2 hours ago, he built a town of Jiulongpo District Baffo plant site, I met more than 10 steel tube chain down, Zazhong his head, but fortunately escaped Dajie wearing a helmet before.
6, the morning of the site to a newly built plant dismantling scaffolding pipe, while he bent over to pick up metal fastener on the ground. According to Master Liu workers, due to the fasteners on the column pipe split rapidly, more than 10 root height of about 3 meters of steel pipes into a row of legislation, construction, a worker accidentally pushed down by the furthest away from the trip will be a blessing pipe. He told reporters, "It was the voice of Hua Lala steel fell down into a ring, the first steel tube collapse Zadao second root, second root root third smashed into a collapsed again, but fortunately not too heavy steel pipe." Fu Cheng will be away from the side nearest the head pipe Zazhong. The workers rushed out of the running over, propped him and found that helmets smashed out of a big dent, but he had no apparent head injury.
Subsequently, the construction side recruited a small truck, will be rapidly sent to the doctor re-attached to a hospital emergency department. Fu Cheng will be attending doctors found a clear sense of limbs normal activities, but taking into account the older elderly, and suggested that he stay in hospital under observation for some time.
(Chongqing Morning, editor)
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